America's 1st Football Speed Coach

Dale Baskett began coaching speed for football in 1978. When he began training athletes at a time when football speed coaches did not exist. Since that time, Coach Baskett has trained over 400,000 athletes including hundreds of NFL players representing all 32 NFL teams. His resume includes 25 All-Pro Players and 6 Hall of Fame Players. 

Guaranteed to Provide Maximal Athletic Speed Results

During his career, Coach Baskett has produced results for High Schools, Colleges and the NFL. As the Speed Coach for the Seattle Seahawks, Baskett trained 7 of 10 players from their "Ring of Honor". He has consulted at the NCAA Level for Ohio State, Texas, Texas A&M, Washington, Washington State, Oklahoma State, and many others.

"I hired Coach Baskett to bring our Seahawk players to a new speed performance level. His system made an immediate impact on our entire team speed."

"After using Coach Baskett's system for 1 year, I was blown away. His knowledge of speed and movement is endless and his system is organized for easy use. Truly the best money spent on any program in my entire career."

"I hired Coach Baskett to train our players year-round. I knew of his reputation prior to hiring him and he's exceeded everything promised. We've been fortunate to have him with us and I've learned a ton."

Learn the 3 Core Principles of Speed and Movement

Dale Baskett has boiled the science of speed and movement down to 3 Core Principles. They are the foundation of his incredibly successful training programs. Enter your name and best email address below to get an exclusive free video to find out the 3 Core Principles of Speed and Movement now.