Speed Training That Translates To The Field on Game Day

The NFL's First Speed Coach, Dale Baskett, Has 45 Years Experience Teaching Speed And Movement To Athletes So That They Play Faster And Win More Games.


Core Speed

Teach Every Athlete to Run Faster With Proper Mechanics and Training

Athletic Movement

Linear, Lateral, Acceleration, Deceleration. Real World Movement Training You Can See On The Field.

Proven Results

Dale Baskett is America's 1st Football Speed Coach. Trained 25 All-Pro Players and 6 Hall of Famers.

Core Speed and Movement Fundamentals Program

You'll see a difference in your athletes right away. Teach the Core Fundamentals using drills and coaching cues Dale Baskett has discovered in his 40+ years of training high level athletes to move faster on the field.

Speed Training Backed by Science and Results.

Coach Baskett is a student of the human body and mechanics. Learn the Line - Sync - Strike Principles that control the movement and determine how a player moves on Game Day. The NFL's 1st Speed Coach has trained 25 All-Pro Players and 6 Hall of famers using the same techniques you'll get access to with Athletic Speed and Movement training.

Core Principles of Speed

Learn the 3 Core Principles of Speed that your athletes must establish to move faster on the field. Watch this short video presentation to find out how Dale Baskett breaks down the mechanics of running with the Core Principles of Line, Sync and Strike.

Get The Keys To Speed